Will blue be the new black?

In the fashion world, black has been trendy for a very long time, and as happens with these trendy colours, they are eventually replaced by another. It seems as if blue is going to be the next big colour, although many people will be surprised by the kind of blue that it is going to be.

Recent fashion collections showed that a great deal of the world’s leading fashion designers are going for a shade of Tory Blue, which is far away from the blues that have been popular with fashion designers in the past.

It seems as if the idea of introducing Tory Blue into the fashion world is very much a British idea. It seems as if the British fashion industry has recently switched sides to become a much more subtle designing force which seems to have almost gone unnoticed in recent months.

Instead of the usual fashion changes coming onto the catwalk with great ado, the recent takeover has been very calm, and all of a sudden it seems as if everyone wants to wear the latest trend colour.

Of course, this colour has a strong association with politics, which is unusual for the fashion world, because this relationship has never been particularly close. However, since the coalition government came to power, the wife of the Prime Minister, Samantha Cameron, has become a regular fixture in the fashion world.

What is interesting, is that the fashion world seems to be taking a more conservative view of things, in that things should remain good, if that’s how they already are. This is not the usual position for the fashion world, as it is usually looking to move forward at breakneck pace.