Why St Martins School of Design produces topnotch designers

During London Fashion week, there was quite a significant number of Saint Martins designer that participated. The question that needs to be asked is why there are so many designers from this school?

There’s a huge possibility that people who don’t follow fashion may still know the names of the famous designers coming from this fashion school such, as John Galliano and the now deceased Alexander McQueen. Stella McCartney, the daughter of ex-Beatle, Paul McCartney, also graduated from this school.

They’re also celebrities not just in the fashion world but in popular culture as well. They even make it to the news such was the case of John Galliano, who made it to the media spotlight recently due to apparently making racist remarks which caused him to be put on trial.

Other notable British designers who studied at the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design otherwise known as St. Martins, are Christopher Kane, Katherine Hamnet, then there is also Matthew Williamson, Bruce Oldfield and Jenny Packham.

Apparently, the school hasn’t only managed to produce excellent British designers but have also produced great Italian designers such as Riccardo Tisci. Tisci, who is the creative head of the women’s wear department of Givenchy, is touted to replace John Galliano at the fashion house of Dior.

According to the fashion insider magazine series, Fashion-minded, the products of Saint Martin, are considered as ‘fashion hijackers’. These designers include Zac Posen and Mary Katrantzou. Zac Posen, an American, has designed dresses for the actress Natalie Portman and the singer-actress, Beyonce. Katrantzou, who hails from Greece, was the one who designed Keira Knightley’s dress for the 2012’s Venice Film Festival.

Central Saint Martins, which is fondly abbreviated as CSM by those who work and study there, has been in existence since the 1980s. It’s as expensive as the other schools of fashion but what sets it apart is its strictness. It’s especially hard to get into the school and only 50 out of 600 applicants are able to get into the school.

According to Hilary Alexander, who works for the Daily Telegraph, Central Saint Martin allows their students to be creative and free-thinking as well as giving them the freedom to follow their artistic passion and not think like an ordinary fashion designer.