Who rules when it comes to designer shoes?

Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, household names when it comes to designer footwear, despite the fact that the majority of us can only ever dream of owning a pair. While their designs appear regularly on red carpets and catwalks around the world, few of us really have the means to blow a months wages on a pair of shoes or sandals, whatever the name is on the label, and sale items or second hand pairs are snapped up instantly.

Jimmy Choo was born in Malaysia into a family of shoe makers, his family name is actually Chow but it was misspelt on his birth certificate. It seems to be some kind of karma as Jimmy Chow shoes doesn’t have the same ring to it. His shoes have appeared on some of the most famous feet in the world, and despite others coming up on the rails, to many he is still the undisputed King of shoes.

With a Spanish mother, a Czech father and raised in the Canary Island, Manolo Blahnik became the name on everyone’s lips due to the adoration poured onto his footwear by the girls in the Sex and the City TV show and subsequent films. As far back as the 70’s, Blahnik showed a flair for going against the norm by focussing on stiletto heels when everyone was wearing chunky wedges.

Frenchman Christian Louboutin is very much the new kid on the block, and a lot younger than his contemporaries. Best known for his iconic shiny red soles stilettos, he is renowned for never giving away shoes as gifts, not even to his family, and instead gives high profile customers a discount. Sales of red paint testers have soared in recent years as those without the funds to buy the genuine article have taken to painting the soles of their shoes.