What goes around comes around

Fashion, like everything else, is a never ending carousel of ideas that come and go, come back again, then disappear again for a few years. Modern fashion is often a mix of different cuts, lengths and styles that are put together in a slightly different way to create seemingly new designs that grace the catwalks of the world. The simple fact is that we have seen them all before, we simply don’t realise it.

The recent craze for all things vintage proves this point better than any other, and it also bodes well that if you have paid a large sum for a designer outfit that suddenly goes out of fashion, by hanging onto it you know that it will come back into vogue, and you will be bang on trend again without parting with any more cash.

Women across the nation have been digging out their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s originals, and wearing them if they still fit and selling them for a tidy profit if they don’t. That’s the great thing about fashion, there is always someone willing to buy what you won’t, or can’t wear any more, and this is one of the main reasons why the fashion industry is so vital to the British economy.