Tulisa’s new image for 2013

Tulisa Contostavlos goes by just ‘Tulisa’ these days, and she’s out to create a whole new image, with the assistance of Sheer magazine’s creative director. Her December photo shoot for Sheer has apparently done just that, judging by the rave reviews from some quarters, and a certain amount of disbelief from others.

Sheer has her posing in some dramatic ensembles – feathers and lace and leather and all black and white. She does look downright elegant but oh-so-sexy, which is what the editors were aiming for, we think. A Sheer spokesperson said the intention was to bring out the strength and sexuality of this young woman with the “turbulent life” whilst enhancing her beauty and charm.

As for Tulisa herself, she’s reportedly unconcerned about what people think of her apparel or her lifestyle. She says she sees fashion as an expression of herself, the same way she does with music. She says she doesn’t worry about it, and “. . . as long as I’m happy with what I’m wearing, that is all that matters. I’ve always been criticised in the press, so it’s nothing new. I just brush it off.” An enviable attitude, that.

However, she’s not all that tough, really. In fact despite that ‘turbulent’ life she’s had, Tulisa says she’s more of a relationship person than her independent facade would indicate, and she craves “cuddles” from any man she’s involved with.

Last month Tulisa told interviewers on ‘This Morning’ that her performance on stage at ‘The X Factor’ was the scariest moment in her life, and she said last week that she’s not a model but she’s learning how to pose. She also said that since 2012 wasn’t been such a great year (her Female Boss album didn’t fly very well), thisyear is going to her “happy year”. So a belated happy New Year, Tulisa.