TopShop in seasonal denial by the look of their new range

Some people deal with the winter months by indulging in a few weeks away in a sunnier hemisphere. Other people deal with winter by buckling down and pulling up their boots. However, some people flat out deny that winter is here at all, and it seems that TopShop is taking the denial route by putting out their End of the Road collection now.

It is somewhat odd that the high street brand is releasing a collection of clothes that are obviously sun-kissed and meant for a different hemisphere right as most of England is gearing up to deal with another sloppy winter. Despite the odd timing of the event however, it is hard not to notice that the grungy clothes are attractive.

At the heart of the End of the Road collection is a wistful laid back summer feel with plenty of floral camis, bleached out dungarees, and even some great flecked knickers to add some flare to an outfit. The savvy shopper will simply take some of these summer styles and toss in an overcoat or some leggings and quickly make them wearable now and on holiday.

The entire collection has a sixties feel to it complete with the Dylan esque tune that backs the lookbook shot. Those planning a holiday trip will love the floral dress that softly floats in the wind out on the beach, and those waiting for winter to approach will at least have something to look forward to during the summer months.

Available in full on the Topshop website, the End of the Road collection sports many more designs and cuts that are easily transformed into all weather accessories. After all, someone has to keep the heat turned on even during the arctic months, so Topshop is leaving it up to customers to turn up the temps a few degrees when they walk into a room.