Topshop brings back 90’s grunge

So how do you compete with a fashion scene where the focus is on stuck on the eighties, the answer is simple, bring back nineties style with the grunge movement.

This autumn, TopShop has skipped ahead a few years and is welcoming back the grunge movement filled with flannel, leather jackets, tight pants, and some crazy hairstyles to match.

In their new video you can see a wide array of the new grunge styles that the brand hopes to propel into popularity. Some may be a bit out there for more sedate people, but for those who love street fashion there are some pieces that will be instant must haves from the first glimpse.

While watching the new advert for the autumn grunge line one of the first things that is likely to catch your eyes are the wild leather jackets that the models sport from scene to scene. Almost all of the leather jackets are slightly oversized and some even have flaming logos on the back guaranteed to grab some attention.

These are actually a mix between the hair rock of the eighties and the grunge movement making them the perfect transition item for the fashion world as it moves along. Not everything is outrageous however as some pieces can be added just to add a bit of a kick to an outfit.

For instance, dark skinny jeans are present throughout the new Topshop and there are some quieter leather jackets that when paired with simple tees can make quite an impression. Stripes and ripped shirts are also going to be quite popular if TopShop is any indication, and so are miniskirts with tights underneath. Overall, it’s a different take on the styles that are already popular, and should make those who are a bit rock chick quite happy this season.