Top designer tote bags

Nearly every designer has a wide range of handbags which allows their fans to have a good selection for all their needs and requirements. In this article, we shall provide short descriptions of some of the best designer tote handbags.

Tote Handbags

These large bags are available in many different shapes and designs. The outer materials mostly used to make such bags are leather and canvas. However, designers introduce many different patterns to provide fashion conscious consumers with a wide collection of these Tote bags for their shopping and other requirements. These bags are not only beautiful but also very functional. Some of the popular Tote handbags are described below.

Prada Vitello in a soft Caramel colour is a tote handbag that is both stylish and attention grabbing. This rectangular bag is made of pebble grained leather and it has a single strap to be carried on one’s shoulders. The interiors are lined and the buckle is golden to reflect the rich taste of the user. There is a pocket with a zip and a separate compartment for a mobile phone. On one side of the bag is the Logo of the designer. This bag measures 15X13X6 inches.

Gucci ivory GG Plus Tote, as the name implies, is a popular tote bag made of canvas with leather straps. This bag is rectangular in shape and the use of tan leather gives a striking contrast to the background that is ivory. The interiors have big pockets and they are lined to allow for the safe storage of items. It has double leather straps and measures 12.5X9X5 inches.

Abbey Convertible tote is a bag from the house of Gucci. It is made from black nylon and has a pebble grained leather trim. This stylish high fashion bag is rectangular and is very comfortable to carry both over the shoulder and by hand. It measures 18X14X2 inches.