Thinking of Going Short? The Best Hair Styles for Shorter Hair

While long locks might have been the most popular thing for women to have the world over, recently the shorter cut is getting all of the attention in the salon and the magazines. While some think that having a short haircut means that there are very little styling options, this is actually not true at all.

Ladies who love their short hair still have a variety of ways to style it, going from day to night, work to a fancy event and more. All it takes sometimes is a little creativity combined with a bit of boldness in order to get the perfect look.

Short hair can go from a super cute bob cut, to a sleeker chin length look to the daring pixie cut. More and more, some of the biggest Hollywood starlets are chopping off their longer locks for shorter cuts. Think Michelle Williams and Emma Watson as perfect examples of ladies who made their short hair styles look both glamorous and fabulous!

Keep in mind that if you are considering going for a short cut, the shape of your face will make a big difference on what will look best. For those girls who have more oval faces a pixie cut will look amazing, and you might be able to be a bit more daring with your cuts just like the trendy rocker P!nk.

If you are a girl with more of a square face then you are going to want your stylist to cut your hair in a way that is going to be a bit more soft around the edges, this will play well with the harder angles of your face. Something that is a bit shaggier, that can be wavy or tussled will be a great approach to take.

A long bob is something that can work on many face shapes, so consult with your stylist about getting it cut in a way that works for you. It’s also important to remember that many short cuts work best for girls that have straight or slightly wavy hair. Curly haired girls or girls with coarse hair might have more of a styling issue when it comes to shorter cuts, so that is something to keep in mind.

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