The UK catching up with the US in fashion technology

For anything digital in connection to fashion the US is usually considered the leader, however, according to Imran Amed, founder of Business of Fashion, London is giving the United States of America a run for their money.

In an article written by Amed he says that although America has more capital investors so that tech companies can start up, the energy in fashion and tech coming from London is making major waves, not just in Europe but throughout the world.

In East London there is a tech-focused neighbourhood which is adorably referred to as the Silicon Roundabout. In the area the number of technology start-ups rose from 15 to over 300 in only three years.

This fact together with the outstanding emerging British designers can only be good for the London fashion scene. A rep from Advent Venture Partners, a London-based venture capital firm, has said that London has the opportunity to be the digital hub for all creative and fashion industries, perhaps globally.

Any technical companies which successfully emerge out of London will stand on the shoulders of ASOS and Net-A-Porter, both started in London and now two of the most successful sites ever when it comes to e-commerce which have redefined online fashion retailing.

Natalie Massenet, founder of Net-A Porter believes the company to be as much a technology company as a fashion company. Natalie said she spends nearly as much time with her technical peers at events, research labs and round tables as she does at fashion shows.

Imran Ahmed does point out, in his piece, that new digital technology is altering the way many of London’s fashion brands define themselves. Christopher Bailey, chief creative officer at Burberry, says that digital communications touches everybody in the end, it is an integral part of Burberry’s culture.