The strange world of the fashion dictionary where S is an outcast

Fashion is a strange and fickle creature, and none more so when it comes to names of items. After enduring skorts, coatigans and jeggings, we are now being told the letter S is so past season dahling, and have gone to the singular, new pair of trouser anyone? The letter has disappeared across the lexicon of style and fashion in such a way you would think a blanket email had been sent from the HQ of Vogue stating that the S was now banned.

It in such a case that this the north/south divide has nothing on the canyon that exists between the higher echelons of fashion who make these decisions and the minions on the street who part with their high end cash to keep them there. Whilst Mrs Beckham and Anna Wintour are more likely to tuck into a chip butty that let a rogue S slip from their lips, its not something that will realistically become common terminology amongst the rest of us, apart from the pretentious wannabes of course.

Look through any of the high end glossy fashion mags and you will see such things as the heeled shoe, the printed trouser and a nude lip, and nobody seems to be batting a (no doubt smokey) eyelid and seems as if we have forgotten, as a collective, that until recently these nouns had an obligatory S added to them. It’s hard to understand why this soft and curvaceous form could suddenly become so offensive the rake thin maven that dominate the world of fashion as we know it.

The question we have to ask is what will they do when they get bored with the singular? Will they decide in their food deprived wisdom to add another letter instead, Z or K would seem a good choice for them considering the angular and bold lines they strike when they appear in print.