The rich and famous flock to Miami for the Mercedes Bends Fashion Swim Week

Miami is a city that is known for many things including small bikinis, high heels and even fake tan, despite the sun. Every year, South Beach in Miami is turned into the site of the Mercedes Bends Fashion Swim Week. This is an event which gives people an idea of the latest trends that are going to be appearing for summer next year. These focus on swimwear and usually around 2000 brands come to the event.

This year many famous people attended the event including the various members of the cast of Real Housewives of Miami. Brooke Burke also made an appearance and so did the charttopping artist Christina Milian.

In Miami it is certainly the case that in the summer swimwear becomes the unofficial uniform. The industry is worth an estimated $5 billion in the United States and there is a great deal of competition among the different designers to create the must have summer swimwear outfits.

One of the most exciting events that is going to take place at the fashion show is the Mara Hoffman display. This is going to feature various Native American themes as well as cowboy elements. This is not something that is particularly unique to this designer and similar themes have been seen throughout the week