The multifunctional blazer is a must have in every wardrobe

There are so many reasons why every girl should own a blazer, it’s definitely a must have item inside your wardrobe. It can add life to a regular outfit and for those who aren’t fashion savvy, a blazer is a formal looking jacket that closely resembles a suit.

A blazer is multifunctional, it not only adds character to an outfit but it can also be very flattering to any body type. It covers areas of a body that women are not keen to show like chubby arms or love handles.

When shopping for a blazer, make sure that you get the one that fits perfectly to your body. Blazers, though mistaken for being stiff can actually accentuate one’s body well, so it’s all in the cut. If you are having a hard time choosing one for yourself, get one tailor made, that way, you get all the right measurements.

There are many ways to wear a blazer and the most common one nowadays is with skinny jeans, over a basic tank top. This look, if used with some sexy pumps, can easily be a nice outfit to use when meeting some friends for dinner or drinks in town.

Another way to wear one is over a casual pretty dress as it can transform your day dress to a full on evening outfit. Add some nice accessories like a long necklace, bangles and a statement ring and you’re ready to party the night away!

Looking like a stylish hipster is also easy with a blazer and all you need is a pair of distressed jeans, a white tank top and a super cool hat. Once worn, you’re on your way to fitting in the Starbucks drinking, book reading, world of hipsters. The best way to wear a blazer is over a graphic tee, and according to fashion stylists, this look is good for both men and women. Pick the coolest graphic or statement shirt you can find, pair it with shorts or jeans and top it with a blazer.