The importance of blogging to the fashion world

Current fashion is as wayward as April weather; everything can change before you have time to get a grip on it, so you just have to sway with the breeze and adapt in a hurry if you want to enjoy the present. It’s a challenge, but the bonus is a lot of freedom of movement – and not much danger of falling into a rut, fashion-wise.

Inevitable, then, that fashion found a fertile field when blogging came into the world. Everybody blogs, and that includes the people who monitor the fashion trends – and those who set them going. It also includes those nobody ever heard of before, with ideas about fashion that are different, strange, exciting and often boring. However, some of them strike a chord (or something to that effect) and lo, a new trend is born.

Not surprisingly, there is now a fashion that’s known as blogger fashion. It embraces what River Island calls “organised chaos” and what Bethan Holt of fashioneditoratlarge says is “blatant – all about being high-maintenance and unashamedly fashion mad.” There you have it.

Reportedly coming soon is a collaboration between H&M and Anna Dello Russo, the Italian fashion editor and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. She’s also a fashion blogger; in fact she’s led the movement, so to speak. “Feisty” and “over the top” are expressions used by the creative adviser for H&M, Margareta van den Bosch, in describing the most recent trends. Accessories are way in, the bigger, brighter and bolder the better.

Apparently this ‘blog fashion’ started as individuals putting their own twist on the latest model via personal blogs, but when all those blogs start to look the same it sort of defeats the purpose. Presumably it will all get sorted out, and collaborations with fashion bloggers and high-end clothing brands will be, as Dello Russo hopes, “. . . an important evolution in fashion.”