The fashions of Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger has long been known for her exceptional taste in fashion and back in February she wore one of the most notable dresses of the year while attending the Berlin Film Festival. The clothes that she chooses to wear certainly are noted by the fashion world, and the striped skirt she wore with the green floral dress was particularly notable, even when you consider that people would be expecting her to wear something spectacular.

When people first saw her wearing this dress they wanted immediately to know who designed it, and where it was possible to get one. The response from the star was that it was only available in the United States, as it was created by Derek Lam, and he does not have a presence in Europe. However, he has just launched another line in the UK, and it seems as if people are going to be able to get his incredible clothing this side of the pond.

He commented, “I really enjoy creating daywear that is very playfully chic. I’m always intending for the people I design for to lead a very contemporary life and I create clothes that are for women at the very moment. When I design clothes I am always striving to create informal clothes, that are still very luxurious. This is a challenging process at times, but something that I really feel I have a good handle on.”

He continued, “New York is where I live and of course most of my clothes have been designed their. However, I’m delighted to say that we are going to be offering clothes elsewhere and this is part of an expansion of the brand which I feel is going to continue.” Kristin Stewart has also recently been seen wearing one of the incredible creations by the designer.