The fashion crimes of the rich and famous

Some celebrity trends make normal people jealous, but some really make people wince instead. It is clear by the way some celebrities dress that money cannot substitute for taste of class. The following are some great examples of celebrity fashion trends that really need to stop. In some of the more extreme cases a fashion intervention might even be in order.

First up is the temptation to wear sandals and socks together. Sarah Jessica Parker is a frequent violator of this fashion, as are university boys around the country. It only takes a few minutes to take one’s socks off before putting on sandals, so take the second and save everyone else from wondering what you might possibly be hiding under there.

Back in the nineties saggy jeans and drop crotch pants were associated with rappers. Today thanks to the magic that is Justin Bieber they are associated with upper class white boys that want to be bad. It is almost like Bieber stumbled into MC Hammer’s world and got hooked. Someone really needs to tell him to pull his pants up.

Just about anything Miley Cyrus puts on could be considered a fashion crime, so it is hard to know where to start with her. Perhaps the mink jewel encrusted Birkenstock appearing with Celine shoes are a great place to look.

Paying a thousand pounds to look like she is going to a yoga class is a bit outrageous, especially when they contrast with her overall ‘truck driving, white trash’ look. On the topic of Cyrus, she is one of the celebs who have brought back the crop top, another fashion trend that celebrities need to give up. No matter how they pair them with pants, most celebrities seem to get it wrong.