That Christmas Party

This year, my roller derby team are having a Christmas party, which I am extremely excited about. And because our team colours are black and gold our colour scheme and dress code are the same. So I took a trip into the high-street. Now like many of you will have experienced, I struggled to find anything that was suitable for me. So I got home, annoyed and frustrated. I decided to look online for ideas. That was when I came across Fever Designs London,

Fever has a huge number of stunning dresses, for people of all shapes, sizes and ages. I am writing this article now in the hope that I can help you if you are in a similar situation as me – looking for a party dress in a sea of unoriginal and boring high-street designs.

The first dress that I spotted was this beautiful evening dress.

The pattern of this dress is distinctively festive, with geometric shapes and gold glitter. The print is flattering on all body shapes, as is the cut of the dress. It can really emphasise your waist and hips. And the cut isn’t too revealing, so is suitable for the more reserved party goer, but is also breath taking and hypnotic, which is perfect if you want to make a statement, or catch someone specials eye.

I then discovered this little gem – I liked it because the gold detail around the waist and the flared skirt mean it brings in the waist and adds curve to the hips and bust, creating the much sought after hourglass figure. I am personally an hourglass, and I love how this dress emphasises that shape.

However, I decided that I have many dresses, and to buy another would be a little wasteful when I have 10 or so little black dresses that have only ever been worn once each. So I decided instead, that I would buy a statement accessory. I chose this beautiful dress jacket. The texture is gorgeous, and I can use it to glam up any outfit.