Stars reveal nearly all at the Lingerie London Show

Sarah Harding and Abbey Crouch, two of the most popular celebrities in the UK, are well-known for their revealing outfits which usually feature tight trousers and bodycon dresses. The two celebrities attended the Lingerie London show which was held on Wednesday night and needless to say, both of them had chosen stunning outfits that reveal the beauty of their bodies.

Both stars wore revealing outfits which emphasised their bodies while they were walking along the catwalk. The event was held at the Old Billingsgate Market and attracted visitors from around the world.

Abbey Crouch was the first to arrive at the event and as expected, she became the centre of attention as soon as she walked into the building. The 26-year-old’s outfit consisted of a stunning floral two-piece, a suspender belt, an embellished capelet and a pair of silver shoes. The final touch was the red-trimmed stocking which matched perfectly with the rest of her outfit.

It seems like Abbey Crouch is one of the many stars which try to match Angelina when it comes to beauty and fashion, but she has a lot of work to do if she wants to match with one of the fashion icons of this decade. Crouch managed to show-off her lingerie thanks to the side-split outfit. It looked like she didn’t spend much time at the hair salon, because her hair was loose and voluminous. The makeup she chose was a light eyeliner and a sparkling eye shadow.

However, this wasn’t the only outfit which Abbey showed. Later, she changed into a stunning gold and black corset which she matched with a pair of gold and black thigh-high socks and glamorous wedge heels. The celebrity certainly spent a lot of time preparing these outfits, but the final result was worth the time.