Siblings prove they can work together successfully in fashion

Generally, most people tend to get on with their siblings, although there will always be family arguments. For most people however the idea of working with their siblings is a rather hard idea, but for some people it proves a very good business move. A very prominent example of this are the Olsen sisters, who have had a great deal of success after launching their fashion company.

Over the last couple of decades their fashion brand has become incredibly lucrative, and it started out as just a children’s design company, but it has turned into what most people would probably describe as a fashion empire. They have two mainline collections, both of which sports the bohemian look of the two sisters.

Another example of a pair of sisters who have created a fashion success are the Kardashian sisters, who as well as starring in a reality TV show, also ran a selection of designer boutiques and are involved in collaborations with major fashion companies.

It is not just in the United States that families are coming together in order to have fashion success, and in the UK Lily Allen and her sister Sarah Owen, have become business partners in order to launch their own designer boutique. This has a vintage theme, and it has already become very popular.

It seems as if in the fashion world, families coming together in order to create style is something that is very popular, and can lead to a great deal of success. It is very likely that in the future, similar collaborations are going to be seen, as other families will want to cash in on the trend.