Selfridges create brand new shopping experience

Selfridges is working to bring a new retail experience to the market by offering modern athletes everything they need to enjoy shopping. As part of the new innovative display space, Selfridges has teamed up with the Nike House of Innovation to create new retail space that has the savvy digital shopper in mind.

In true style, Selfridges and Nike chose to celebrate the launch of their new retail space by welcoming top DJ Nero into their store and offering attendees the chance to explore some of the interactive zones.

Of course, the interactive zones would not be fun unless they offered some type of challenge to shoppers; which is why Nike has gone beyond themselves to actually build physical challenges into the store space. This makes shopping not only practical, but fun, engaging, and the type of competition that any athlete will enjoy.

The hip-hop mesh is certainly a great backing for the new Nike display space at Selfridges as it tells viewers to get ready, and Nero certainly delivered at the launch party as it is easy to see just how engaging the entire event was for attendees.

The good news for those who live near a Selfridges is that they can get ready and physical too because the interactive tools on display at the launch party that allow you to literally model a shoe on your foot digitally will be available for regular consumers as well. Shopping for trainers has never been quite so trendy, and never quite as much fun as Selfridges is making it.