Scanning set to revolutionise clothes shopping online

There are a host of fashion outlets that want to try and change the business by offering online shoppers the ‘perfect fit’ instead of an estimate or close fit via the use of airport scanning technology that scans the body. After all, with the exact measurements of a body it seems like more of a sure thing that the clothes are going to fit perfectly.

It’s a hard guess although if this type of technology will actually revolutionise the industry as it has been around for quite a few years and is even used on site at some stores and still has not really caught on. Even more important is the fact that the online fashion market has seemed to already taken off just fine without the technology as online brands have come up with their own ways to get around the problems associated with getting a perfect fit.

E-tailers are actually what have grown in popularity with companies such as Net-a-Porter taking off online. NAP is one of the most popular ways to shop for high end clothing online because it is a great way to shop for fashion clothes without too much work. In fact it was one of the first companies to cater to online shoppers online.

Many sceptics did not believe that they would be able to get people to purchase clothes they had not physically tried on, but the full descriptions on every item including the fit specifics and advice have helped to make it a top fashion advisor. Plus, it’s very convenient since every item comes with prepaid DHL slips should a return be necessary.