Reagan’s fashion tips from Thatcher

While everyone else was busy calling Margaret Thatcher the Iron Lady it appears that US President Ronald Reagan had a different perception of the UK’s leading lady. It is now being said that back in the eighties he asked the Prime Minister of that time, Margaret Thatcher for some advice when it comes to fashion.

Ronald Reagan was getting ready to go horseback riding with Queen Elizabeth during the summer of 1982, but as an American not accustomed to the sport was not sure what he should wear. Therefore, he turned to his old pal the Prime Minister and asked her for some advice.

Of course, this begs the question, just what is considered appropriate attire for horseback riding with the Queen? According to Thatcher, the best outfit is both smart and causal. She recommended that Reagan wear riding boots, breeches, and a casual turtleneck sweater as formal riding attire might have been taking it a bit too far.

This fun little tidbit about fashion is one of the many details that were revealed about the president Reagan visit that was made in the eighties in confidential documents that were made public as of last week by the British National Archives.

Also revealed in the documents is the fact that Thatcher was extremely pleased to be welcoming the new president to tour the country for two days. During the visit Reagan apparently was very careful to watch his fashion as he also used the opportunity to take photos outside of British monuments that were perceived as less formal so that he would look capable of having some fun while touring abroad.

Quite likely, this may be what led him to seek out the proper fashion advice before his horseback riding venture.