Oxford prepares for Fashion Week

Oxford Fashion Week is in November and the organisers hope that it will be even bigger this year than it has been in previous years. The event has been running for four years now since it was founded by Carl Anglim. The late Alexander McQueen was one of the top designers who were attracted to the show previously and Carl says that he hopes more big names will be appearing this year.

He says that they are excited by the prospect and that the event, supported by the Oxford Mail, has been moved to November so that they have even more time to build it up. He also said that when the event was created four years ago, they had no idea how it would turn out.

Every year more people are becoming involved and last year there were two thousand people there. The producer of this year’s Oxford Fashion Week, Nick Seagrave, said that this year they want to see an even bigger attendance. He said that it is typically aimed at a younger audience but that they want to change that. There are plenty of events planned for the week.

There will be two shows at the Town Hall and the headline haute couture show at the Ashmolean Museum. There will also be a lot of smaller events around the city which will include a lingerie show, an ethical fashion day and a young designer show. Oxford City Council leader, Bob Price, says that this year’s event should be bigger and better than ever and that they all hope it will go from strength to strength in the coming years.