New fashion app tracks down your favourite celebrity fashions

Many people can still remember that time when every other teenage girl you saw on the street was wearing a brightly coloured headband. This had a lot to do with the fact that Blair Waldorf, the main character in the hit TV series Gossip Girl would always complete her outfit with one. It became such a big trend that it’s surprising that “Blair’s headband” did not get billed in the show.

The influence of fashion on television to people who are constantly watching is very powerful. Men and women learn about the latest style and trends just by watching their favourite stars on TV. Shows like Sex and the City, Charlie’s Angels and Ally McBeal, are just some of the few that influenced women to be more fashionable.

Since we live in a world wherein technology is constantly improving, it’s no wonder there’s now an app that is made to track down a clothing that has caught your eye while watching TV.

Shazam, the app that’s best known for being able to identify a song that you hear, has now came up with an interesting app that allows users to identify clothes worn on TV shows.

Here is how it works, you see a shirt you like on a TV show or an advertisement then use the app to shazam it. Afterwards, you will then receive information on the brand of the item and where to go and get it! It’s very easy and convenient, especially for people who have no time to go window shopping.

There’s still no word as to when Shazam will be releasing their new app but fashion enthusiasts definitely has something to look forward to. It doesn’t take a genius to know that this will be a hit because more and more people are becoming fashion forward. People care about the clothes they wear and how they look and this is the best time to release an app like this one.