M&S push their Heatgen Hosiery range this winter

Most of Britain is starting to get into the holiday spirit, and so are the folks at Marks & Spencer with plenty of great holiday adverts already hitting the TV. However, M&S also knows that with the holidays comes some horribly cold weather which is why they are also taking some time to promote their unique lingerie line called Heatgen Hosiery.

What makes this lingerie range unique is the fact that it incorporates Heatgen thermal technology so that anyone wearing it stays cosy and warm throughout the night. Therefore, even though the wind may be howling outside, your family can be safe and warm inside. It just might be the perfect addition to a list if you are thinking about what to ask Santa for this year!

The material is very light and soft weight making it easy to layer on top of other pyjamas. This is due to the fact that it is made out of some very specific Japanese fibres that help to generate heat from the moisture that is actually released from the body. Therefore, you help keep your own body warm with the special fabric!

Since it is so lightweight you can easily wear the Heatgen trousers, robes, tops, and leggings around the house when you are relaxing or to bed. This way you can rest easy knowing that you will be warm throughout all of the upcoming winter months.

Available in many different colours and many different cuts, Marks & Spencer has something for everyone so that you can pick out a pattern that matches your personal tastes. After all, any fashion conscious female knows that you can look good and feel good if you are careful enough to shop around and find truly innovative fashion like the Heatgen line.