Models head to NY’s Central Park for H&M’s Autumn magazine

Spring weather can only mean one thing, that soon it will be time for the H&M Autumn  magazine to debut in the stores. Of course, before it can be published it must be created, which is why models Kendra and Julia headed to New York’s famous Central Park.

The two worked on some of this autumn’s stories for the magazines showing off the best eighties looks that H&M is going to have to offer its audience, along with some great accessories, clothing items, and of course some amazing blazers and trousers.

Luckily, fans of H&M do not have to wait until the autumn season to see what is in store because the clothing designer put out a new video short that documents some of the best stories of the magazine. One thing is for certain, H&M Life sure knows how to gave a good time out in the city, because the park has never looked this good.

Kendra Spears in particular had some great shots in head to toe coats and blazers that switched from leopard prints to traditional tweed jackets. Tossing in some solids with the checks and plaids, the pencil skirts and skinny pants really helped to bring the savvy office looks to life.

Of course, you cannot work 24/7 which is why the girls also had some fun with the eighties pairing oversized pink sweaters with paint splattered pants and leopard striped pants with a grey blazer that tightly fits over a baggy sweater.

The splash of colour stands out nicely against the cool New York background, and it is hard to debate that the colours really make the models come alive. Throw in some older wool sweaters for the work casual look and you have a stunning selection of colours for the office and home.