Lucy Mecklenburgh shocks fans with her afro hairstyle

When most people think about Lucy Mecklenburgh they think about her long shiny brown locks of hair, but the 22 year old decided to give up sleek and shiny and try out something new when she stepped out onto the street. Many were surprised that Mecklenburgh came out of a fashion shoot with a very authentic and very full afro. In fact, one person that passed by her was so surprised that his mouth fell open in surprise, although it’s possible he was just astounded that he was walking by Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Even though people might have been shocked by her afro, Mecklenburgh made it clear that she was in love with her new hairstyle stopping to Tweet to her followers that she loved her new look and her new fro. While she may have left her make-up and hair done following the modelling shoot the fashionista of TOWIE fame did take some time to change into a white dress that looked very becoming on her.

The simple white dress had a full neckline, but was sleeveless. It perfectly fit throughout the bodice and then tucked in tightly at the waist with a slight flare around the bottom as it came out and ended about mid-thigh. Overall it fit her figure perfectly showing off her toned body.

Mecklenburgh accessorised with a Prada handbag that was stone grey coloured and choose a strappy pair of white chunky heels to go with the dress. She kept her jewellery simple choosing to wear a simple thick watch on her wrist. Mecklenburgh is signed with Select models and it is likely that they are the ones who got her the shoot. For someone that worked out before heading out to the modelling shoot, she looked pretty good fro and all.