LFW lifts the mood left over from New York Fashion Week

The first day of London Fashion Week can be described as, if nothing else, a nice change of pace from the subdued direness that everyone felt over at New York Fashion Week. Kicking off London Fashion Week were designers Bora Aksu, Zoe Jordan, and Felder and Felder. Innovation and fun were certainly to be had on the first day and if this is any indication the rest of the week should come with a lot of great fashion moments as well.

Probably the most noticeable moments came from the KTZ show which is a fashion label run by Koji Maruyama and Marjan Pejoski. The clothing from this duo is a lot of fun, and always very unique and innovative. In fact, unique is one very nice way to put some of their outlandish props for the models, but it does remind the fashion world to have some fun sometimes.

One delightful outfit was a red peacoat that flared at waist length and was fitted nicely over a black pleated mini skirt. Thigh high black boots completed the look, but what most people were looking at was probably the headgear over her face that honestly looked like a glorified toilet paper holder that somehow got on her head.

She was not the only model sent down the runway with some questionable head gear on that distracted a bit from the fashion, as other models wore rams, swords, and some very odd looking sunglasses. Still, the designs on the models were stunning and worth paying attention to.

The pair also seemed to love metallic designs paired with skyscraper boots making the entire show one that captivated the audience because literally it seemed as if almost anything could come walking the catwalk at a moments notice.