Kim Kardashian under fire again

Who would be a Kardashian? So far during her pregnancy, Kim has been slammed for both her fashion choices as her weight gain, and the behind the hand whispers carried on this week when she turned up at the Met Ball in New York. Ever since the gala event was held on Monday night, the critics have been relentless, with her being compare to Mrs Doubtfire on Facebook and being the subjects of hundreds of Tweets.

Kim, complete in her long sleeved dress with flower print, has been the biggest entertainment story for the past 6 days. The problems began because the Met Gala, AKA Costume Institute Ball, had given this years event a punk theme. Whilst many stars made the effort to be as punkish as possible, the minute Kim arrived she was slammed for wearing ‘left over upholstery from the couch’, and once again the question is raised of who has the right to condemn a woman for her fashion choices while she is pregnant.

Whether you like the dress in question or not, from the moment she announced she was pregnant, the already hefty mob of paparazzi following Kim around seems to have tripled and they all have the same aim; to make her appear as awful as possible. She has continued to wear the kind of clothes she wore pre-pregnancy, and many have a problem with this when, to be honest, it is nobody’s business.

A real low point was when Kim was pictured wearing a swimsuit. Every woman is proud of her baby bump and swimming pools across the world are graced by varying sized bumps in all manner of swimwear.

Apparently this rule does not apply to Kim who is supposed to hide away for nine months, and you have to raise your hat to her that she has given the press the proverbial finger and not done this, although in private no doubt her hormones will have kicked in and she will have shed the odd tear about the rotten treatment she has been getting.