Kate Upton the face of clothing range that shows off her best assets

Kate Upton has been able to carve a nice living for herself out of showing off her cleavage, so it is no surprise that the focal point of her new campaign is also her breast. Of course, that is likely why Redemption Choppers, the clothing brand, choose to hire Kate to be their new face. The 21 year old is now officially representing the brand that is from Italy but inspired by bikers in California. In the photo shoot she can be seen wearing some of the best from their 2013 collection.

The shots are pretty much all black and white, and the striking blonde is certainly on fire in all of the shots, although most people are probably not paying attention to her shots as the clear focus of almost all of the shots is clear. In one shot she has her arms posed above her head with her hair falling over her shoulders and across her breasts which are popping through clearly from out under a low cut top.

In a different shot Kate is wearing a biker jacket with the Namibian desert in the background and the zipper on the jacket is pulled down so low that you cannot help but notice her busting out the middle. The last shot she is covered up in a large grey oversized tee, but she is not wearing any pants so the sex appeal is still clearly there.

Regardless of how they choose to dress Kate, it is clear that she will be helping to get the brand some attention as she is considered to be one of the hottest models in the industry right now and at the young age of 21 it is likely she will be around for awhile.