Kate Middleton shines as a new mum

Kate Middleton most not have too many sleepless nights, or if she does it certainly does not show on her face because unlike most first time mums, she seems to have a constantly glowing face that is matched by tousled hair. If this is her rolled out of bed look, then she has a distinct advantage over every other mother in the world. Throw in the fact that she has completely regained her slender frame and Kate Middleton makes giving birth and recovering one’s life look as simple as making a cup of tea.

She has been called a yummy mummy quite a few times in the press because every time she pops out for a public appearance she looks pretty much flawless. Most recently she was spotted outside of the house without Prince George and she looked pretty spectacular. She chose to wear a pair of dark skinny jeans paired with a navy blazer, striped sweater, and a pair of navy wedge heels. She made an appearance at the SportsAid Athlete Workshop at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and even managed to get in a quick game of volleyball with the team despite wearing her heels.

The outfit was a great mix of designer and high street as her wedges were Russell and Bromley while her top and blazer come from Ralph Lauren. She essentially looked stylish and chic in classic and showed off her great body as well. In a few pictures she was reaching up for the volleyball revealing a stomach that was flat and looked as if she had never given birth. While its likely she gets a lot of help in her role of new mother, her overall look and style is hard to turn away from was her charming everyday look has got even stronger.