Kate Middleton inspiring pregnant women to wear smart maternity clothes

Women are no longer content to be toss on leggings and oversized smocks while pregnant it would seem as a new generation of young pregnant women are watching Kate Middleton’s smart style and deciding that they want it as well.

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her smart and elegant dressing style with or without a baby bump in tow. She has maintained her classy sense of style her entire pregnancy by choosing to wear tailored coats that slightly fit over the bump in the middle. In addition, she has stuck to pretty dresses that have slightly higher hemlines to show that she has maintained general fitness in her legs and arms despite the growing bump in her middle.

Not one time has the Duchess been seen out in leggings, smocks or jersey wear and it young pregnant women that have been watching do not want to be seen out in the like either. Instead, they are now buying smart pregnancy clothes by the dozen with overall ‘smart’ styles increasing in sales by almost 500% at top retailers such as Debenhams.

Michelle Dowdall, a spokeswoman for Debenhams stated that their customers are concerned with the details and embellishments of their pregnancy clothes and are turning away from typical baggy pregnancy clothes in favour of clothes that make them look amazing just like Kate.

At Debenhams, the top selling pregnancy items this year compared to last year are easily printed blouses, kimono dresses, and smart coats. The popular retail store is calling the new look ‘The Duchess Effect.’ Dowdall added that they have worked a lot to make sure that all of their maternity ranges offer customers the clothing that they want that are much more fashionable but still comfortable. Over the summer and into the autumn the brand plans to roll out even more smart maternity items.