Josie Goldberg turning heads for the wrong reasons

If you plan to model the clothing that you produce as a lead fashion designer, you might want to take a few extra steps to make sure that your clothing line will actually fit you.

Ironically, the very spoiled Josie Goldberg found herself in an awkward situation when she found out that she could not really fit into her own clothing line this past Thursday. Josie attempted to squeeze into a bikini and hoodie combo, but the results were not exactly what most people would call alluring or glorifying.

In fact, she likely did more damage than good as most people will want to avert their eyes instead of watching the curvaceous Playboy Cyber Girl attempt to squeeze into the clothing items.

The 29 year old is from Russia and makes no secret of the fact that she wants to live the real ‘Playgirls life’ with plans to marry a rich physician who can maintain her high maintenance lifestyle.

Given the girl feels free to do what she wants, it is not hard to believe that she had no problems strutting down Miami Beach in the ill fitting bikini. She turned plenty of heads on her way down the beach, but not likely for the reasons that she thought.

It was clear to anyone on the beach with her that she was spilling out of her halter cut bikini top, and the flimsy elastic strap around the back was also clearly getting a workout.

Goldberg has made no secret about her plus-sized figure taking every opportunity she can to speak out about how good she feels in her body. She has often remarked that she feels great when she wears lingerie as a full-figured woman, but one would think that she would remember that not all women want their bathing suits to look like ill fitted lingerie in public.