John Galliano makes his return to the catwalk

After being sacked from Christian Dior two years ago due to a video scandal, John Galliano is expected to return and grace the shows in New York the following month. After his treatment for alcoholism, Galliano will become a part of Oscar de la Renta’s three weeks of stay in the studios.

Despite the unfavourable reaction of people to the Galliano’s video that became viral in the web, de la Renta still included him because he said he believes in the guy’s talent. De la Renta also added that he saw Galliano work hard to recover from the incident, and he is delighted to give him the chance to go back in the fashion scene.

It will be remembered that Galliano got suspended Dior’s creative director due to a video that showed him drunk in a Parisian café. There, the told the Jewish that he loves Hitler and people like them would be dead. Because of the incident he was condemned by Dior’s face, Natalie Portman, and a discharge, detention, and trial followed. To add to the punishment, he was asked to pay £5,000 for his fine.

After the scandal, Galliano disappeared from the limelight and it saddened designers like Grace Coddington, creative director of Vogue USA and shoe designer Manolo Blahnik. Coddington was greatly affected by what happened to Galliano because for 15 years, he has been one of his frontrunners.

Meanwhile in an interview, Galliano said that he is thankful that de la Renta invited him to stay in a place that is similar to a design workplace. The two designers have a resemblance because both of them present romance, nostalgia, and femininity in their creations. As for the reaction of the fashion industry as well as the social media, the comeback of Galliano is just right because he already faced the consequence of his action and he was able complete the period of destitution.