Jessica Alba thanks designer for keeping her looking good

Jessica Alba recently stated that one of the reasons she manages to look so good is not because of her own fashion choices, but being able to have clothes provided for her by Narcisio Rodriguez, the high-end fashion designer. She says that his clothing is incredibly flattering to her and is the reason she has such a polished and poised appearance most of the time.

In a recent interview she commented, “I can really look terrible sometimes for not choosing my clothes right but Narciso makes everything much easier and makes a real difference to my appearance. I have a great friendship with the man and I was recently delighted to have a luncheon with him after the launch of his new shoe collection in New York City.”

Narciso is equally complimentary of Alba and has stated that many of the designs that he creates are designed to be worn by her. He commented, “It is so wonderful to hear from Jessica that she thinks my clothes are so flattering. It is also great to hear that so many women like them and with Jessica Alba as such a fan it is very easy to look good and encourage people to buy the clothing.”