Jennifer Lopez celebrates birthday with colour coded party

Jennifer Lopez had a surprise birthday party this week and guests at the event were specifically told what sort of colours they were supposed to be wearing. The event took place on a boat and was a very intimate affair organised by one of her backing dancers. 50 guests were invited to the event and they all had to wear the strict dress code which had a monochrome theme which was very stylish.”

Sources recently told the New York Daily News, “Before the guests arrive they were told that they had to wear very particular types of clothes, specifically they either had to dress in entirely white, or entirely black. On board the boat there were white and black balloons everywhere and it was an incredible sight.”

Jennifer Lopez herself however was not part of the dress code and she wore a red dress among all of the white and black. The event was really a celebration of all things that she loves, including her closest friends. She ate a great deal of her favourite foods at the event, some things which she usually has to avoid in order to maintain her trim figure. Someone commented that the dinner menu was far from figure friendly.