Is Rihanna’s fetish fashion a step too far?

Rihanna is known for her fearless fashion; which is one reason why teens love her, however; many fear that she may be going a little too far with the fetish shtick. Last February of 2011 Rihanna took things to a new level with the release of her video S&M. Not only was the song full of whips and chains, but so was the video as she was shown with the words ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ taped against her.

As if this was not enough Rihanna appeared again in latex stockings and with a riding crop that shows her on the floor pretty much working what God gave her. Toss in the scene where she is tied up in pink rope and one could say she has dared to go farther than Madonna when it comes to crossing sexual boundaries.

The video caused quite a stir with 11 countries quickly banning the video. At the same time that radio hosts were questioning if it was time for her to see a psychiatrist, fans were rushing to get her worldwide tickets. Just a month later she became the youngest black woman at age 23 to appear on American Vogue. The following autumn she added an appearance on British Vogue as well.

Her Facebook page is filled with shots that have thousands of likes, and even Stella McCartney has praised her style. Therefore when River Island announced that it will sell a collection designed by Rihanna on the high street next year it should not come as a surprise. With so many fans, it is likely that her collection will do just fine. The real question is whether or not people should be wearing them.