Is Anne Summers the sexiest lingerie in the UK?

Ann Summers advertises “the sexiest lingerie in the UK” and the general perception has been that the store targets the young and adventurous rather than the mature and matronly. That image may be changing, for better or for worse, depending on how you look at it.

The response to a ‘comprehensive survey’ in December of 2011 in which Ann Summers partnered with Relate to “change a generational mindset” about the retailer and its products indicated considerable interest in a possible new image. Researchers said they expected about 4,000 people to weigh in, and reported that more than 24,000 responded in the course of the five-week survey.

Basically, Ann Summers wants to reach a broader customer base, and apparently that includes targeting the ‘serious’ side of sexual relationships, reaching into the field of relationship counselling and a healthy sex life for the more mature members of the public. They chose a size 16 non-model as the face of their 2012 Valentine’s Day campaign, and invited real women (as in housewives and businesswomen etc.) to be featured in the ads.

Spokespersons reported that during and after the survey (called the Sex Census 2012), Facebook activity increased by 320% and the number of “Likes” more than doubled. Clearly, there is room for improvement in the assumptions that both retailers and consumers commonly apply to the designation of ‘sexy’ when it comes to women and their accoutrements.