Idealism is the order of the day on the catwalks of Paris

Currently, the Paris’ shows are exercising idealism through the showcase of every designer’s dream of their ideal woman from the way she should look from head to toe with her style custom made to fit into that vision. The influence of the catwalk can be felt when people were seen walking around with stilettos and socks, socks with tea dresses and with brogues.

Incorporating the socks phenomenon was a bit tricky at first but a lot of people have managed to successfully subsume them into their dressing. With this satirical mode of dressing comes some dressing rules which may seem somewhat absurd to others; they are directives from fashion designers who want nothing more than to make you look your best.

For instance, Carine Roitfeld can be seen wearing her jacket on her shoulders without necessarily having to put on the sleeves, the result is simply fabulous; Ditto on the other hand, wears her scarf leaving her hair un-tucked. When normal people do it, it may seem unnatural or a little bit silly and it may look like you copied someone it from a magazine.

It is important to know the fashion ideas to borrow from the catwalk and which ones never to use because before you know it, people will be walking around like John Major with shirts tucked into their pants.

This applies to bags as well for instance; six years ago Miuccia Prada designed a novel clutch that had a side straps which required you to carry it in such a way your wrist goes through gripping the underside of the bag. Since then, catwalks suggested that all bags be carried in the same manner.

At the London show, models were seen scrunching little metallic bags making a strong statement, but could be quite tricky for those who have to carry envelopes in their bags all the time.