How technology is changing the face of fashion

As London Fashion Week ended we started to reflect on how technology is affecting the clothes we wear. The Global Hypercolour T-shirt was the last must-have fashion item that the tech world ushered in. The new items are internet-connected clothes which display your digital world for everyone to see.

The new garments can show your social media status, videos from YouTube and even play music or take photos; and they are machine washable. The tshirtOS project is the most recent thing in a long line of London label CuteCircuit’s hi-tech fashion, which has incorporated flexible LED screen into clothing collections.

The Shoreditch company described the digital clothing as the most advanced ever seen: the cotton T-shirt, which is Wi-Fi-enabled, has a 1,024-pixel screen powered by a battery park that is USB-charged.

The garment is still a prototype at the moment – a costly one at £20,000. If there is enough interest in it to drive down manufacturing costs the designers would be interested in bringing it to the high street.

Designer Francesca Rosella believes that in comparison to other aspects of life fashion remains dated. By bringing the digital age to the fashion industry they are taking a huge leap.