Holly Willoughby shows off her latest dress collection

Holly Willoughby decided to introduce the world to her new range of dresses by using both ‘real models’ and ‘real women.’ It seems that Willoughby releases her range in Claridges almost seasonally and it can be a lot of fun watching the clothes trot out. However, their time around she choose to do thing just a bit differently.

While Willoughby still had plenty of models on hand to help show off the new clothing styles, she also used her Very Facebook page to recruit four ladies and had the customers model the clothes as well as the professionally hired models.

She titled the Facebook campaign ‘Holly’s Real Women’ and the aim was to get customers more involved in the line by allowing some to model the clothing as well. She also wanted to give other customers an idea on how her clothes will look on women that are a variety of heights, ages, and dress sizes. The women were a wide range of body types and ages with the oldest ‘real’ model coming in at age 49 and the youngest coming in at age 19.

At the actual event Willoughby went through the idea range of clothes taking time to explain her inspirations for each dress from the collection and what she had in mind when she designed it. She stated that over the many years that she has worked with Very she has become much more confident when it comes to offering her own input and collaborating on the different designs.

She also went to point out that she is trying out new fabrics for her collections although there are certain trademarks of her collections that she expects will always be there. For instance, Willoughby is known for slinky maxis, bodycon dresses, and tea dresses.

This spring she has also branched out a bit creating a tropical print dress that she liked so much she gave one to her friend Kelly brook to wear and a halter play suit that should fit right in with the rompers trend. It is easy to see that she is getting more adventurous with her styles.