Hip hop artist boosts sales of Rebecca Torres dresses

Rebecca Torres could not figure out why the demand for her dresses suddenly jumped, until the designer discovered that one of the hottest hip hop figures was a large fan of her collections. Rosa Acosta, the very famous girlfriend of Omarion and the well known rap model from music videos, was seen on the red carpet outfit in one of Torres figure hugging dresses and since then her label has been propelled into the limelight.

Star of Basketball Wives: LA, Imani Showalter, has also been photographed wearing one of the very skintight dresses. Torres, who is Glasgow born, admitted that at first she was not sure why her dresses were selling so well. She explained that after her collection debuted on ASOS.com she started to notice an increase in emails from women in the states that wanted just one dress in particular.

She then got on Google and found out that Imani Showalter had worn one of her dresses on the shoe and that helped turn her small dress design into one that was in hot demand overseas. She added that at the moment she is sold out of that dress design, but it is available for pre-order as she is working on getting more manufactured.

Torres went on to say that many times celebrities ask if they can borrow clothes from the designers instead of purchasing them, but Imani’s stylist must have just went online and purchased it which was very exciting.

Then, Rosa Acosta choose to wear a design out on the red carpet which helped to place her range into the public spotlight even more. Torres credits comic book super heroes as the inspiration for her dresses as they were created as replicas of the Spandex and Lycra outfits that characters such as Catwoman wore.