Harry Styles lives up to his name by picking up top fashion award

Harry Styles, who is one fifth of One Direction, amazed fans at the recently held British Fashion Awards by wearing a see through shirt. The singer who produced the song “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” paired the shirt with a pair of tight skinnies, a beautiful scarf, and of course, hairspray.

The lothario, who is still only 19, won the coveted British Style Award after beating stars like Kate Middleton, Kate Moss and Cara D. The Award is all about a star embodying the spirit of London and is expected to be London’s international ambassador on matters of fashion.

It did feel as if this award couldn’t be won by anyone else at this time. Before the awards began, the star was spending most of the time with Rita Ora who turned out for the British Fashion Awards in a strapless 50s style sequined gown that barely left anything to imagination. Rita also wore silver hoop earrings some pointy patterned courts and a trendy clutch bag.

She was wearing hair in a style that had loose waves and some red lipstick that looked super sexy as she posed for photos. While on the red carpet, she bumped into Kate Moss, the Playboy cover model who was seen wearing a catchy leather LBD and a nice looking cream fur coat. The pair joined-up for the cameras as they smiled showing how they seem to be comfortable with each other, something that has not been seen before.