Party wear

Finding the perfect outfit for a special occasion

Planning a night out at an elegant or classy event can be difficult because most people are not born fashion gurus. For some people this can be very stressful because even if they own all designer clothes from places like Great Plains, it can still be hard to figure out how to match evening tops with the right bottoms. The following is a quick guide to putting together an ensemble act that will impress everyone that sees you at your next big event. Whether it is a gala or simply a nice dinner party at a friend’s home the following tips should be helpful.

Short Skirt

A short skirt can be a great way to make an impression with your clothing choices, but this only works if you are comfortable with your legs. If you choose to go short however you should make sure that the evening tops you wear with the skirt offer more coverage. A shorter hemline needs to be balanced on top by a more complete top, and for this reason you will want to avoid deep necklines and short shirts in favor of more full and flavorful tops that will set off the skirt nicely.

Long Skirt

On the other hand, if you consider a plunging neckline to be one of your best assets then you might want to choose evening tops that offer scoop necks or even halter top cuts. In order to maintain a classy or elegant look when choosing a more revealing top you need to wear a longer skirt. If you still want to enjoy a bit of play on the skirt you can always choose one that has a slit in it so that you get a stunning effect from top to bottom when you head out on the town.


For those who are more concerned with comfort over everything else, pants are a very acceptable look for women now and can be paired with almost every different type of top. Therefore, if you are really unsure of what evening tops to wear with what skirts you can always choose a nice pair of dress pants as a great back-up. Many people choose pants because they are also warmer during the winter months which is a very practical consideration that you might want to think about as well. Colored dress pants are a nice way to add a bit more flair to your outfit and happen to be very stylish right now.


Finally, if you are at a loss for what types of tops you should choose to wear with a skirt or pant you can always toss aside putting together an outfit for now and just choose a dress. A dress is always a great safety option and will work as an amazing back-up almost every time. You might want to consider keeping a few basic dresses in your wardrobe that you can spice up with accessories for any time that you are in a pinch or short on time.