Fashion weeks are no longer just for the elite

It was once the case that fashion weeks were something that only occurred in New York, Paris, and London. They were also events that were usually only attended by people who were either famous or rich. Generally if you wanted to get ticket you had to be very wealthy, have a record deal, or have designer clothes yourself.

Interestingly, fashion weeks are something that has spread to the rest of the world and now it is the case that many cities are starting their own. Interestingly, one has just taken place in Marbella, which has proved very successful.

These fashion weeks look to emulate the main ones that are seen in the fashion centres of the world and often there are champagne bars established and notable people in attendance. In many ways these events are becoming more and more popular and it is easy to see why as they have all of the benefits of the major fashion weeks without the exclusive guest list.

A fashion week is about to take place called Beverly Fashion Week, and is aiming to raise awareness about the tourism that can be done in Beverly. Fashion shows are taking place as well as various promotions to activities in the local area.