Fashion on a budget

The great news for most fashionistas is that the current top trend is anything goes. Just by taking a look around at people walking the streets, or having a pint in a pub, proves this point. Those who are strapped for cash can mix and match skirts, tops, pants and jackets, throw a belt into the mix, and be bang on trend. Picking up a few well chosen pieces from charity shops or online auctions can give you a wardrobe to take you right through the summer.

The maxi dress of the 70’s has been making a comeback for a while now, and teamed with gladiator sandals they are now seen everywhere. Pick up a couple of these second hand for a few quid, add sandals, a belt and a pair of shades and you won’t look out of place anywhere.

Minis arrived in the 60’s, disappeared for a decade, came back in the 80’s and have never left since. How good these look all depends if you have the legs to carry them off, and those who haven’t got the greatest pins can opt for the maxi dress instead and look great, as fashion isn’t just about the clothes, but also how they are worn.