Ex Vogue editor proves there is life after fashion

Andre Leon Talley is known best as the former Vogue editor who held the position for quite a long time. His presence in the fashion world has always been a bit larger than life but since he has been making big plans after stepping away from Vogue he is making headlines again.

Thus far there have been reports that he is talking with NBC about hosting his own night show and he is working as the editor at large in Russia for Numero. It is clear that he is stepping out of the box that Vogue placed him in and instead exploring all of his options.

This September Talley has also earned himself a spot in the Vanity Fair where he is being profiled, and the always candid and fun Talley had a lot of fun talking to the interviewer about everything from his sexuality to race and his weight struggles.

Although plenty of people have questioned whether Talley is gay or not, he is clear about the fact that e has always been straight although he admitted that he had some ‘gay experiences’ in the past. Despite this fact, he said that he had a strict upbringing and has only been in love twice, both times with women. He also added for anyone interested that he never slept with a designer and swore that he never was approached about sleeping with a designer with personal motives in mind.

Talley also spoke about how racism is still present in the fashion industry mentioning that none of the top magazines have a person of colour in their editor position outside of Essence. He said that it is still a challenge to get ahead in the publishing world if you are not the right colour although he is said to have gotten along marvellously with his former boss Anna Wintour.