Elle Fanning speaks of admiration for the style of Alexa Chung

Elle Fanning, the American actress, has been admiring Alexa Chung, her favourite style idol saying she always looked cute. Elle spoke while she was at the Topshop Unique show during London Fashion Week. She wore an ensemble perfect for her age of 14: a powder blue shirt, navy shift dress, and knee-high flat black boots with a bow in her hair. The teenage star hinted that she borrowed her look from Alexa.

Elle is in the UK at the moment to film the movie Maleficent, which also stars Angelina Jolie. The shoot is suitably lengthy meaning that Elle has already been in the UK for the past three months. While she has been in the country she has enjoyed shopping.

She is reported to have said that London has become her second home due to the length of time she has spent there. She thinks the vintage shops are great and she likes Topshop as there are so many different styles for her to choose from and express her individuality. She likes to put the different pieces together in her own way and says her local store is so large she can be in one section for hours.