Elizabeth Hurley seeks advice over autumn wardrobe

Elizabeth Hurley is getting her October wardrobe together to make sure she has the perfect outfit for every event that she plans on attending during the month. The swimwear designer that made her name as a model is also a regular campaigner for charity and has been preparing for several appearances that will take place this week.

Hurley has tweeted to her followers that she has had a handful of pressing dilemmas as she is getting ready for the charity events of the week. She has even turned to Shane Warne, her partner and cricketing star, for assistance with some of her problems.

Outside of her obligation at Cheltenham Fashion Week fundraiser that Warne is helping her with, Hurley also has obligations to meet for Estee Lauder. Hurley is of course the ace of Estee Lauder and will be the head of a new advertising campaign that begins in October which will need to have 15 different dresses for.

On Twitter the star stated that she was busy at fittings for 15 pink dresses that she will wear during the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness fundraising tour that will take place during October the official breast cancer awareness month.

Hurley will also be the cover model for Fairlady the British magazine this October where she will bare her shoulders dressed in a pink tank top. In the interview Hurley explains that she does a lot of work with the cosmetic brand.

She went on to say that every October she is able to rise over $35m to help fun 140 Breast Cancer Foundation research grants. Over the last few years Hurley has also started to focus on design and has even launched a new range of swimwear designed for women. She stated that she feels that swimwear is an area where woman either look fantastic or horrible.