David Beckham talks underwear

David Beckham has been quoted saying that he prefers ‘tighty whities’ when it comes to his underwear. The soccer star, and possibly one of the hottest men alive, stated that he is used to showing off just about everything, since he is a model for the underwear line by H&M, and that while he may model briefs he has no problem with tighty whities.

According to Beckham, tighty whities are great because they are comfortable and feel great especially when you are playing sports. He added that he also wears boxers on a regular basis.

At the moment Beckham is in LA shooting an advert for H&M and was photographed at the photo shoot in a small pair of green boxers. What was certainly more eye-catching though, was his tattooed torso and very well toned muscles.

Beckham also spoke for his wife and Victoria during his interview, stating that she does not really have a favourite choice when it comes to his underwear. But then after years of marriage that’s not hard to believe.